The Wicked Bible

I recently watched a BBC documentary on the history of the King James Bible.  I found it quite intriguing. It did a good job suggesting the relevancy of the 400+ year old translation to our modern times. It also captured the mysterious nature of the King James Bible. How did it come about that a committee of a politically appointed scholars, under specific kingly regulations and propaganda, in the midst of national religious tension, produce  an English translation more true to the original Greek and Hebrew than previous translations?  And so poetic too. 

Perhaps one of the more memorable moments of the documentary is the mention of the “Wicked Bible.” The King James Bible was first published in 1611. In 1631, during a reprint, a certain printer omitted a few words in error. Perhaps it would have gone unnoticed if the clerical error involved a lesser known scripture and a less absolute word. Exodus 20:14, according to Wicked Bible, read “thou shall commit adultery.”

Quite the proofreader blunder. Right?  And costly too. The publishers were fined a large sum and their printing license was revoked.

There are a few copies of the Wicked Bible in existence today. One was appraised for just south of $100k a few years ago. That brings a new interruption to the notion of a costly error. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury, George Abbott, was greatly displeased with the Wicked Bible, rolling his eyes at the lack of discipline in the printer community.  But I have to wonder if Moses himself didn’t have a good laugh over the blunder from his grave on the outskirts of the Promise Land. 

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Running Song #9

Rock N’ Roll just makes sense on the trail runs. Big and nasty guitar riffs screaming I’m tough.  Work hard and play hard.  


That mountain with the jagged rocks. Cause I’m too strong. 

Danger In the Morning – Goodbye June

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Running Song #8

Because American Football announced the upcoming release of a new album after 17 years…  

This is for the emo kids.  Good for mile 3 or 4 of a 8 mile run.  Early morning or fall evening.  Urban neighborhood/urban green way.  Keep falling forward. Keep it steady. 

American Football – Never Meant

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Running Song #7

Beck – Wow

Warm up / Mile 1. Your run will be like WOW. Giddy up. 

Lyric Video

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When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer

I don’t know a lot about the Whitman poem When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer. What was the setting of the poem?  What was the intent?  I’ll have to research it. 

But when I read it this morning, I felt as if Whitman was reminding me of something I often forget: life is to be experienced. 

It’s great to listen to lectures for logical reasoning. It’s good to dissect myth from fact and question theories.  But scientific observations should not outshine the breathtaking awe of experience. You can talk about the grandeur of the night sky, and perhaps appreciate it, but, without tilting your head up on a clear night and watching hundreds of candles dancing in a black ocean, you’ll never form a relationship. 

Relationship, good or bad, in unavoidable with experience.  As you enter the world and feel a cool wind on your face and hear the crunch the rocks under your feet, you form a relationship with your surrounding. Gentle or harsh. Simple or complex. It’s the start of community.  Before a word is spoken. 

I think it’s the longing for relationship that makes Whitman tired and sick.  As the lecturer tells of the vastness of space, Whitman perhaps feels the ache of an absent friendship.  

It’s the ache of life: to belong to something grand and the comfort of solidarity. The opportunity to look to the sky and see a little star that will listen and twinkle a message: life is worth the price of each minute when we see each other. 

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Sunday School Volunteering: New Picture of Jesus

I volunteer in my church’s 2 and 3 year old Sunday School class. It mostly involves playing with toy cars and trains, baking delicious plastic foods, coloring, serving Gold Fish crackers, and reminding the kids to use the potty.  Somewhere between the coloring and Gold Fish, my fellow volunteers and I deliver a Bible lesson.  The lessons are short and pithy, typically deliveried with the aid of a hedgehog puppet, and always address three things: God is bigger than fear, God hears prayer, and God loves us. 

It’s a bit of a challenge to engage the attention of a 2 and 3 year old child with a simple Bible lesson. Despite the fact that I have two daughters, and multiple nieces and nephews, it requires focused creative energy for me to capture their attentions for more than a few minutes (if that).  It would be so much easier to skip the Bible lessons in favor of Play-Doh. 

I find asking questions during each lesson helps to minimize distractions.  Giving a 2 and 3 year old the platform of self-expression works wonders. It’s 50/50 their answers will actually be related to the Bible lesson.  Even still, their enthusiastic responses warm to the soul. 

One of the strongest witnesses to the Gospel, true evangelism, is a child looking you in the eye and saying “Jesus loves me” — purely innocent faith and trust. The faith and trust I often forget. 

What’s interesting about teaching Bible lessons to 2 and 3 year olds is that each lesson, whether it’s Nehemiah’s wall or Ruth’s devotion to Naomi or whatever, arrives at Jesus.  It’s a conclusion I desperately want in my life. No matter the victory or the struggle, I want to find myself in Jesus and him in me. 

I’ve been a volunteering with the 2 and 3 year olds for a few years now.  When I signed up, I thought I’d be serving them and their parents. Turns out they are serving me. They are allowing me to see Jesus in a new way.  A way I once saw him.  A way I don’t want to forget. 

Pure faith and trust.  He’s bigger than my fears. He hears my prayers. He loves me. 

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Chance the Rapper

Hip-hop, gospel, R&B, and pop…  So into this record. Yeah I’m late. But I am old too.

Chance makes me want to be a White Sox fan. He’s taken over my running playlist.

Coloring Book – Chance the Rapper

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