Watching a Drawing 

My 7 year old daughter handed me a pen and a sheet of paper. She said, “I love to watch people draw things.”

I said, “Ok. Why?”

She said, “Because it’s so awesome how lines and, you know, dots and circles turn into things right in front of your eyes.”

“You don’t know if it will be a happy drawing or a sad drawing or an ugly drawing or something beautiful. Daddy, don’t you love watching people draw and seeing something wonderful take shape?”

I thought for a moment. Then I handed her a pen and a sheet of paper.  

I said, “Yes, honey, I absolutely love watching people draw.”  

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Sketchy Sketch 

Sketch what you know. Sketch what you’ve lived. 

High school students in American suburbias forming grunge bands. The 90s. Pearl Jam and Nirvana and Weezer and all in love with Gwen Stefani. 

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5 Signs Of Sport Fan Freakism

1. You think nothing of it when your 7 yr old drops the sh** bomb as the opposing team scores.

2. You plan a family vacation or day trip to your favorite team’s stadium during the offseason.

3. You have experienced the symptoms of a hangover after an upset despite the absence of alcohol.

4. You feel queasy when you hear the fight song or cheer of the team that trashed your team 10 plus years ago.

5. You’re 35 plus and you still believe Michael Jordan is a demigod.

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Running Song #10

Sia – The Greatest
I got stamina…

Oh that line! Repeated thoughout the song. A self-proclaiming statement of strength and confidence. Just before the explosion of the chorus! So good!!

This song checks multiple boxes as a great running. Great beat. Passionate vocal performance. Using the words greatest and running and breath and climb. Throwing out the commanding charge of “don’t give up… no no no!”

Thank you, Sia.

Perfect for the last push, the last tempo, before the cool down on a 10 miler.

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Dream of Grace

I had this dream where grace was revealed as a healthy man receiving a drink of water from a sickly beggar. And how furious I was at the healthy man for taking the beggar’s cup before I felta cold sting of shame realizing the beggar was Christ and I was the healthy man receiving my deepest longing: solidarity with Christ’s suffering community. The forgiveness I experienced when I saw his accepting eyes and the completeness I found in his embrace convinced me of one grand thing: the cup of salvation welcomes me to a family aching and healing together in the truth: the Father loves us beyond our conscious definition of self-worth.

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The Wicked Bible

I recently watched a BBC documentary on the history of the King James Bible.  I found it quite intriguing. It did a good job suggesting the relevancy of the 400+ year old translation to our modern times. It also captured the mysterious nature of the King James Bible. How did it come about that a committee of a politically appointed scholars, under specific kingly regulations and propaganda, in the midst of national religious tension, produce  an English translation more true to the original Greek and Hebrew than previous translations?  And so poetic too. 

Perhaps one of the more memorable moments of the documentary is the mention of the “Wicked Bible.” The King James Bible was first published in 1611. In 1631, during a reprint, a certain printer omitted a few words in error. Perhaps it would have gone unnoticed if the clerical error involved a lesser known scripture and a less absolute word. Exodus 20:14, according to Wicked Bible, read “thou shall commit adultery.”

Quite the proofreader blunder. Right?  And costly too. The publishers were fined a large sum and their printing license was revoked.

There are a few copies of the Wicked Bible in existence today. One was appraised for just south of $100k a few years ago. That brings a new interruption to the notion of a costly error. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury, George Abbott, was greatly displeased with the Wicked Bible, rolling his eyes at the lack of discipline in the printer community.  But I have to wonder if Moses himself didn’t have a good laugh over the blunder from his grave on the outskirts of the Promise Land. 

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Running Song #9

Rock N’ Roll just makes sense on the trail runs. Big and nasty guitar riffs screaming I’m tough.  Work hard and play hard.  


That mountain with the jagged rocks. Cause I’m too strong. 

Danger In the Morning – Goodbye June

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