Chance the Rapper

Hip-hop, gospel, R&B, and pop… ¬†So into this record. Yeah I’m late. But I am old too.

Chance makes me want to be a White Sox fan. He’s taken over my running playlist.

Coloring Book – Chance the Rapper

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Lord Keep Me Broken

Exhale autumn: spring’s glorious gasp

Rainbow summer: refracting winter

Rubbish wasteland: pauper poetry

Beauty longing: Lord keep me broken

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To Run Humbly

@RunningQuotes: Running humbles me, yet reminds me that I am strong.

I love this tweet from Real Runners. You must follow them if you are a running nerd.

It is so true that running, long distance running, requires humility. It is a lifestyle that requires you to deal with fatigue, emotions, time management, diet, and a number of other variables. Some days are amazing and other days leave you licking your wounds.

Running is a great life metaphor. Perhaps that is the reason so many are addicted to it.

Just as a runner moves down a path, constantly adjusting and flowing with his surrounding, existing in an environment he can’t control, human reality is adjusting to chaos.

In my reality of chaos, I run for serenity.

The thing about humility that helps increase serenity is the balance. It brings awareness that successes and failures are momentary and often circumstantial. A great run one day does not guarantee the status of tomorrow’s. The reverse is also true.

Running teaches you to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly. And then it asks you if you’ll continue. When the answer is yes, the magic of growth appears. And eventually grace enters the picture.

What was good is covered with joy. What was bad is covered with peace. What was ugly becomes beautiful.

It reminds you that you are strong enough.

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I’ve Never Been to Boston

I have never been to Boston. And yet, as a citizen of the United States, the city has impacted my life. The people we call patriots, the ones who, for whatever reason, inspired a revolution, ushered in a foundation for my family.

I have never been to Boston. And yet, as a runner, I have thought about the possibility of running its streets. It’s a teaser during each speed session.

I have never been to Boston. And yet, having grown up in Oklahoma City, I know the pain of a hometown bombing. It violates your innocences.

Today I woke up thinking of Boston. Excited to follow the coverage. Excited to dream of going. Excited to see the city alive again with runners.

I was not disappointed.

This year’s Boston Marathon produced a legend: epic, poetic, and inspiring. Meb Keflezighi.

Meb Keflezighi, an Eritrean refugee, won this year’s Boston Marathon with a PR of 2:08:37. Epic.

The first American to win the race in 31 years. Poetic.

Keflezighi becoming the oldest Boston Marathon winner at 38. Inspiring.

Perhaps it is unfair to Keflezighi that I put this weight on him. But, as I followed the feed, and saw imagines of him racing towards the finish, I felt the courage of survivors on his shoulders.

Survivors carry hope and keep moving forward: mentally and physically. Sometimes they walk. Sometimes they crawl. Sometimes they just prophesy of goodness when the body is weak. And sometimes, with the proper recovery, focus, and strengthening, they do the amazing and run 26.2 miles.

A marathon is a survivor’s journey. The race is only one part. No runner is a failure unless the choice is made to fail.

No person is a failure until they stop moving forward.

Boston took the stage today and showed the world it will keep moving forward. Over 35k runners crossed the starting line, all of them winners.

I am thankful for each of them tonight. They are epic, poetic, and inspiring.

I have never been to Boston. And yet, tomorrow, when I lace up my shoes, I’ll be thinking ‘Boston Strong, Boston Strong’.

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In the beginning…

Genesis 1:1 tells us “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” I have interpreted this ancient text multiple ways throughout my life. At times, it has been a comforting thought of a loving God, a highly involved intelligent being, carving out space in eternity for humanity, and, eventually, me. At other times, it has been an extremely vague explanation for an event that no one understands, and so, with a shrug of the shoulders, it is tossed up to God by default. And yet, as I drift from a vague interpretation to a concrete one, faith and doubt, I have always settled on a constant conclusion: existence started with a single action.

“In the beginning God created…” All earth, sky, and life started when someone, something, sparked an action. That action set into motion the beautiful story of Genesis 1. “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

I have been thinking of this text as a runner; it parallels my running story. It all started with an action: a choice to get up off the couch and go. That action ushered in a series of events that changed my life. I have seen beautiful sunrises jogging through my neighborhood and been awed by hidden mysteries of nature in urban life. I have met and heard the stories of amazing people drafting in a community of runners. I have experienced a change in my body; it is stronger and leaner. Running has helped focus my mind and energize my spirit. It has changed me in a beautiful way. And it all started with an action.

All new beginnings start with an action. All wonderful creations start with a decision.

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My 2013

2013! What a year. There were highs and lows. There were new lessons learned and old lessons remembered. And, with only a few hours to go until 2013 is forever gone, I have to say I am thankful for every experience.

This was my 2013.

A corporate merger brought a new boss, job title, office, and (the best part of the deal) new co-workers. Our family took the opportunity to make new friends.

There was lots of running in 2013. A total of 1,282 miles equaling around 191 hours on the road. 3 hours and 44 mins spent on the Country Music Marathon in April: a cold and thrilling day. A pulled calf muscle was suffered; a runner’s knee was endured; plantar fasciitis was earned.

July of 2013 marked 10 years of marriage to my best friend. We celebrated with a trip to Asheville, NC, leaving the kids with the grandparents. It was the perfect time to fall in love again. Wine, chocolate, and the Biltmore…

We became a homeschool family in 2013. Our 8 year old jumped ahead a few reading levels. Our 4 year can now point out the Tigris and Euphrates and tell you all about Sargon. 2013 was a special year of education.

Our family travels took us to the Appalachian, Ozark, and Rocky Mountains, the gulf coast of Florida, and the plains of Oklahoma City. We hung with some dolphins, felt the wind off the wings of hawks and owls, and we took a fly fishing lesson. We attended an OKC Thunder game. We saw some dinosaur bones.

The family also took some time to explore our city of Nashville. We loved on our favorite spots of Percy Warner, Ellington, and Radner. We saw some art at the Frist and Cheekwood. We paid our respects to history with first time visits to Traveler’s Rest and the Belmont Mansion. We found a new favorite pizza spot (Two Boots). We attended our first Belmont University basketball game.

Speaking of Belmont, I returned to my alma mater as an adjunct instructor.

Having been a gluten free family in 2012, we started to dabble with gluten again with no negative side effects. Yay!

The family celebrated the amazing wedding of my sister-in-law in Banner Elk, NC. We welcomed a new Andrade baby to the family in Austin, TX.

Acivii, Katy Perry, the Luminteers, Capitol Kings, Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, and TobyMac were overplayed in our house. The kids were educated with Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Brooks and Dunn, and Johnny Cash.

2013 was a maintenance year: both expected and unexpected. Our cars were lovingly repaired. The kitchen was remodeled. The garage was turned into a bonus room. And, specifically for the house, the remodeling projects will spill over into 2014. Yay!

2013 brought us the flu, asthma attacks, whooping cough, one broken arm, allergy troubles, and a triple bypass. We got to know our health insurance policy and doctors very well this year. And, most gratefully, we are ending the year with rosy cheeks and stronger immune systems.

That pretty much sums up 2013 for me.

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Want a Different Life? Have You Run a Marathon?

“If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon.” – Emil Zatopeck

I love this quote. As a marathoner, it is a source of much strength and encouragement. And, additionally, though a runner really doesn’t need justification, it edifies a habit that most people find crazy.

Zatopeck had to be more than a gifted runner. He must have been a genius. He summed up in two sentences the philosophic reason a runner continues mile after mile beyond athletic competition. It is a life choice for better living.

The marathon reflects the tensions in life: joy and pain, success and failure, humor and sorrow. In a way, the marathon captures most human emotions and displays them like a painter expressing his view of the world on a canvas.

The marathon is an art form. And great art manipulates and molds its creator so that the art isn’t the only new creation in the process. The marathon changes the runner. The runner is born again.

Zatopeck is completely right. Once you run a marathon, you are never the same. You have a new life.

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